Frequently Asked Questions



How do I make a booking?

Come into the studio, phone or email and we can book you in. 
We require a name, contact number, and an $80 deposit for tattoos under 4 hours or a $200 deposit for a full day booking. Alternatively we can often accommodate walk in tattoos depending on the design. All our artists do have flash designs available, which they would love to tattoo providing they aren’t busy with clients who have booked in.


How do i get a tattoo designed for me?

We can book you in for a consult with the artist best suited for the style you are looking at, we suggest bringing in as much reference as you can (if you can’t print it out you can email it to us). If you have had a look at our Facebook, Instagram or Website and find a artist you really like we can book you in with them as well. Consultations are free of charge.


How much is a tattoo? 

Pricing a tattoo via the internet can be hard as there are many variables that contribute to the price of a tattoo i.e. Size, Placement on body, time the tattoo will take, style, hourly price of artist etc.
We try to give you a min-max price guideline but until we see it in person we can not give you a accurate quote/price.
Each artist has a different hourly rate. Ranging from $140p/h through to Senior/Specialty $180.
We do offer special day rates to clients booking in for the whole day.


What is the minimum price for a tattoo?

Here at City Of Ink we have set studio minimums which vary depending on the area of the body.
This ranges from $100 - $140 - $180, and is priced according to the difficultly of the placement.
This covers our artists wages and our minimum sterile set up, supplying the highest quality tools as well as the highest standard of cleanliness.


Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes we do offer gift vouchers, at an amount of your choice. They are valid for 6 months from the purchase date. We then hold them for a further 1 year from expiry. (18 months total).


Do you offer Touch ups?

We offer one free touch up session within the first year of getting the tattoo. However facial areas, Hands and Feet are excluded from our free touch up policy.


How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

The legal age to get tattooed is 18, if you are over the age of 16 we can tattoo you with the consent of a parent ( we do need proof they are your parent/ legal Guardian) or we can’t tattoo you. But our artists/studio does have the right to refuse.


Can I bring a friend?

Yes you can, we prefer that you only bring one as there is not a lot of space for you to bring a group of friends. You also want to make sure that you don't move when talking to them as it can effect your tattoo.


How should I prepare myself before getting tattooed?

Make sure you have eaten and stay hydrated. It can also help to bring some sugar (lollipop, lollies, chocolate etc) as your body can go into shock, also please make sure you personal hygiene is up to scratch. A good nights sleep beforehand is also beneficial.


Aftercare / How long does it take for a tattoo to heal? 

The correct aftercare is essential for the best result of your new tattoo. The healing process time varies between each tattoo and person. But we like to say 3 - 4 weeks as a guideline.

Do not touch your tattoo without washing your hands first.
Remove the bandage after an hour or two, do not leave it on for longer than 4 hours. Wash your tattoo with a mild soap and warm water, and pat dry with a clean towel. Let it air dry for the rest of the day .You can start applying a small amount of our recommended aftercare cream from the following day, ensuring you only use a small amount, this can be applied one to two times a day.
Please note to also clean/change your sheets and to avoid contact with animals/pets.

The do nots;

Please do not soak your tattoo in water during its healing process. Showers are fine, but avoid all swimming and baths.
Do not expose your tattoo to the sun until completely healed.
Limit exercise, avoid any activity that causes excess sweating, and/or heavy lifting muscle strain.
Do not itch, scratch or pick your tattoo while its healing.


There are free parks available at the back of the carpark behind the shop. Just be careful to avoid the reserved/tow-away spots.